Friday, August 28, 2015

Thoughts On the #IranDeal & the #Vote4Peace quest

Today was "Community Action Friday" for me.    As part of this, I put together a number of email outreach efforts to three local members of the US House who have declared their oppostion to the Iran Deal.  Here is an excerpt of the email which I sent off to Congressman Lieu's Office earlier today:

I wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to share some thoughts on the Iran with your office.    It has been a whirlwind of a week as the deliberations over the Iran Deal continues on such a "fast and furious" pace.

I was glad to see the Congressman having spent a week in Israel under the auspices of AIPAC.   I have profound concerns, though, in that the view represented by AIPAC is an unfortuante and distorted view of the realities in the Middle East today.   This is underscored by how The current Israeli Prmie Minister has said for over 20 years that Iran is about to have a bomb..and he was an ardent advocate of the Iraq war lending credence to the neo-con position.   The legacy of such advocacy is ever so evident today.

Beyond these, it was also quite amazing as I saw Kohyar Goudarzhi (whose case I have also followed since the advent of the Green Movement) come out in support of the deal as reported in the conservative J-Post earlier this week:

It was also interesting on the reporting this morning on two more folks who came out in support of the deal:

I personally found it quite surprising that Pat Buchanan came out in support of the deal--although I am not sure if he's welcome in the Republican Party of Today as epitomized by the rise of Mr. Trump

It was also of note as a Coalition of 25 Faith Based Organizations sponsored a conference call in which Marie Hart of the State Department was the featured speaker.  Some 600 People joined the call Thursday night.

NIAC Action put together this clip on the continued grass roots effort by Iranian-Americans Throughout the United States on this as the 30th US Senator, Tom Carper, came out in support of the #IranDeal:

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