Thursday, August 20, 2015

On #Outsiders: As Our Team Works Away.....

I was looking at the on-going work the team has been done as it has continued its' efforts on the US Political Scene.    I view it as entertaining to watch as Donald Trump continues its' ascendancy as a major political force.   A day does not go by before he calls people idiots, in component and fools. 

I will defer to the team on the commentary forthcoming in "Notations".    One thing that was really bothersome to me was how Donald Trump took on The Holy Father.   The Holy Father has been speaking out against the excesses in our World today as he has worked to transform the Catholic Church.    Although Trump called him a "good man", he said he'd threaten him with ISIS.   This is as some major questions are swiverling about his business dealings as reported by a column by David Cay Johnson

Our team has also been assessing the broader World though.   As our team worked away, the tumble in the Dow was of profound concern as our team continued its' daily #China watch.    The slowdown is going to present challenges unforeseen up to now.


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