Sunday, August 23, 2015

On A weekend Walkabout in the Community: Thoughts On #theIranDeal, #Cancer.....

It was quite a gratifying Saturday as I had a chance to be out and about in the Community.   

As the team reported on it in "South County Matters", the Relay for Life For Laguna Niguel was yesterday.   I joined the Relay for Life  briefly in the morning as I registered and thereafter made the rounds.   It was gratifying to see how the community had risen up to be able to fight cancer and seeing so many survivors come together--and so many friends. I did my small part by helping to "break the ice" by buying two long-standing books I had been on the "hunt" for a long time:  The Kite Runner & Three Cups of Tea.

After that, I went off to join the Aliso Niguel Water Polo Alumni Day.  It was also a fundraiser for the team whereby I served as Grillmaster helping to grill Hamburgers and Hot Dogs--Hopefully they were not all too "Raw"!!    It was quite a beautiful day as once again parents came together for one singular purpose:  to support the youth of our Community.   

After a bit of a respite (and facilitating some daily updates on the Grid for #outsiders),   I then went off to Irvine to assist in a petition drive to support the deal with Iran with the Orange County Chapter of  NIAC Action and the @OC4Peace .     In my private capacity,  I have noted that I am in favor of it because of the possibilities it represents for the people and I have noted it here in my own "corner".    The team was successful in garnering some 230+ signatures on this day of the quest for #Vote4Peace.     As I was finishing off my Daily Rounds "on the grid", I saw that the noted dissident Nasrin Soutodeh has spoken out in favor of the deal as well--I guess I'm in good company.  This is also as I just saw that Senator Harry Reid, the current Majority Leader, has come out in Support of the deal with Iran.

I ended Saturday with joining the Relay for Life as it wound down this day of service.   In honor of my late Aunt who I lost to Brain Cancer, my cousins fighting this dreaded diseases, those who have survived it,  and all the other loved ones who have lost their struggle with this dreaded disease, I joined in the silent final march as I reflected upon this day and continue to proudly wear the wristband given to me yesterday today as a sign of respect.     

Onward--as I end these "thoughts" with an image I captured from this day:

It it also quite a day today becuase it is "Ibn Sina" day that our team released it earlier today.  

Never a dull moment in our World..For sure...

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