Sunday, August 30, 2015

On this weekend working away in #outsiders: Personal Reflections.

It has been another interesting weekend throughout the #outsider properties.   As the team continued its' ongoing research and development work, there were cries of frustration at the continued misery around our World.

As the work continued, there were also moments of pride.    One of the more interesting developments has been the continued protests in Malaysia.    Malaysia is important as it is part of an emerging project for us here to focus on a group of countries we have deemed "NASIIM"--which in Persian means breeze.   The people of Malaysia have risen against the Prime Minister that has been accused of graft on a massive scale.    There is also the protests in Lebanon as spearheaded by the #YouStink Movement that has galvanized people on the entire political spectrum as the paralysis in Government continues in the shadow of the looming threat in Syria.   This is as our team has been spearheading an assessment of the BRICS--and a contention that BRICS are dying a slow death with the continued challenges in each of the countries.

I also was quite taken aback by the US Political Scene this week.    Our team has been "virtually breathless" as the GOP continues to present an interesting challenge as the "Trump phenomeon" endures--and as HIllary Rodham Clinton continues to be challenged by the rise of Bernie Sanders.    Beyond the political scene (which our team continues to assess), I was distressed by the reports of police officers being gunned down and the distressing and tragic death of the young reporters.     It was quite a tribute to the tenancity of the +Sandy Hook Promise folks that they have endured as they have as I saw this from them:

Dylan and JakeBefore my beautiful butterfly Dylan was taken, I was just like any mom standing behind you in line at the grocery store or next to you on the soccer field cheering on our tiny all-stars.
In the after, I'm a different mom. I'm a mom shopping for back-to-school supplies, still tossing two of everything – pencil cases, glue sticks – into my cart before I remember and put one back. Jake is growing older – now he needs a scientific calculator, a dictionary – but Dylan is frozen in time forever, along with part of me.
The rest of me thaws enough each day to recommit to my promise to both Dylan and Jake: to work for change until there's not another Newtown, Aurora, Charleston or Lafayette. Through Sandy Hook Promise's lifesaving programs, we are making that change happen.
While it still feels awkward to ask supporters like you for money, expanding our programs takes resources. And as millions of children head back to school, it's more critical than ever that we unlock our generous donors' match challenge. We're still $18,802 away from doubling every donation, and we only have until September 1. Please, help protect more children with a gift today.
In the past two-and-a-half years, I've learned we cannot wait for lawmakers to do what we parents do so instinctively: protect our children. We put them in child safety seats. We inoculate them against diseases. We protect them from secondhand smoke.
Here's the good news: There's plenty that we as parents and community leaders can do right where we live to prevent gun violence and save precious lives. Sandy Hook Promise's research-based programs help identify at-risk behaviors, assess and respond to threats, combat social isolation, and empower children and teens to keep one another safe. Our ambitious expansion plan will provide our toolkits to even more schools and youth-serving groups – but only with your support.
Mike, with school buses fueling up and teachers prepping classrooms as we speak, we can't waste a moment. Unlocking this match will mean we can expand our lifesaving programs and spare more parents the incurable anguish of losing a child. Please, will you help with a gift today?
Yes, today I am a different mom. But you don't have to be a different parent, grandparent, sibling or friend. No one has to be. Every gun death is preventable – and by supporting Sandy Hook Promise, you are, like me, going forward to make a difference.
I'm so grateful to have you working alongside us to protect all our children and stop the tragic loss of life. Thank you.
With love,
Nicole Hockley (Dylan's mom)
In my private capacity, I have decided to contribute to them.    What happened to them can happen to any of our children.      The team has decided to take on the "Guns" issue in America as a Project. 

It was also a dark weekend for Journalism.     The retrial of the 3 @Al Jazeera Journalists concluded with all three convicted and sentenced to 3 years.    Our team joined the twitter chat (#FreeAJStaff)  yesterday in calling for the convictions to be overturned.   It was of special interest as I saw reports that Mohammad Fahmy has filed a lawsuit against +Al Jazeera English  in Canada for $ 100 Million.   This is also as Jason Rezayian of the Washington Post continues to languish in an Iranian Prison along with Amir Hekmaty and 2 others.    

The plight of the refugees flooding into Europe is also one of the tragedies of our time.   Al Jazeera reported yesterday on the story of two young Syrian Kids who had somehow managed to get Hugarian Residency Papers--but decided to try their luck by somehow figuring out a way to get to Germany.    This is as a I just the latest atrocity out of Syria as the Daesh Gang (also referred to as IS in the West) blew up another temple in Palmyra.    If this does not force folks to wake up, I am not what will:

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