Thursday, August 27, 2015

Working Away.....

It has been a whirlwind of a day here in #Outsiders.    I caught a brief media availability with Donald Trump after a speech he gave in South Carolina as he continued his standard talking points on Iran and mocked the New York Times.   This is as he continues his battle with Fox and Univision's Jorge Ramos.

As I assessed how Jorge Ramos was handled, the reaction in conservative media such as  Fox News was remarkable.  The called Ramos an "Activist" and not a journalist.    What was even more disturbing was how a supporter of Trump told Jorge Ramos to leave America.    This is as the current GOP contingent seems to be in line with Trump.   Megyn Kelly asked Ted Cruz a simple question:  Would he deport a 12-year child born in the United States?   Cruz's response:  I won't play the game of the mainstream liberal media (and I am paraphrasing--for the record).   It seems to me that he has no vision of governing--only his perception of what conservatism is.    In the World of "Cruz", no one else counts unless you sign on to his brand of "conservatism".  

As I was reflecting upon this,  what was clear to me is that folks don't seem to realize the sway that Jorge Ramos has.     It was even  especially hilarious to hear it from Sean Hannity who may consider himself a journalist--but he has epitomized the meaning of activism with how he has conducted himself on the air with direct support from Fox News.  

It was also heartbreaking as the World was witness to two young journalists shot to death.  I sent out a note of condolence to Alison Parker's fiancee earlier today.     On the same day a Louisana Policy Officer was shot to death while responding to a domestic disturbance.    Although expressions of sympathy are welcome, there needs to be more.     The team will be on the prowl on this.   There are too many such stories--many of them that goes unreported.

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