Friday, October 30, 2015

On the Eve of Halloween W-End 2015: Thoughts.......

It was early this morning when the team finished off an Early morning curation and featured "Modern Talking" as the artist of the week.   It was a bit "different" and I was a bit leary--but the upbeat and tone of the music was frankly gratifying to hear which I hope all have enjoyed.

It has also been a very interesting few days on the political scene.    It was fun to be witness to history yesterday as I also was distressed by some of the discourse coming out of the Republican Party in the aftermath of the debate.   The moderators had tough questions but the Republican Party felt "disrespected" and attacks on the "Mainstream" media continued.   I for one was so glad to see John Kasich speak up for the craziness that seems to the order of the day in The GOP field today.  I made it a point of thanking him over Twitter earlier this week.   It was of note, though, as the 2-Year Budget Agreement was passed which showed how Governing can be achieved--even though 2/3's of the House and 1/3 of the Senate Voted against it.

The World continues to be ever so challenging.    This is as the team was assessing the latest out of Syria as the Inferno contiues to burn with the US deploying a contingent of Special Forces.   I caught glimpses of the White House Press Conference as the White House Press Secretary was going to great lengths trying to explain that the President's Basic policy had not changed--my response was:   Yaah Right!!!

It is also the eve of Halloween here in Orange County.    I have given the team Halloween Week-End Off.  But as we march towards the week-end, I ran across this from +DARREN HARDY  which was quite timely as this journey has been indeed "scary" at times--but one has to dare as our team aims to continue to live up to the mission to "Transform the Convesration about Our World One Notation, One Tweet & One "Weibo" at a time.

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

Happy Friday!
This weekend while many of you celebrate Halloween, I dare you to remember and do this:

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