Sunday, October 18, 2015

On the Eve of a New Week.....

It is back to work on #Outsiders supporting the curation of the Network for the new week.   It has been a challenging days around the World as the Team's Twitter Curations reflected throughout the day.   Our team finished a special edition of "Notations" with a prayer for peace which has been the key mission of #outsiders:  changing the conversation about our World.

It was also a weekend while I was on the road with an afternoon of Service w/the Boy Scouts.   I also finished updates on my collection of images I launched on Twenty20 App that the team has been gracious enough to periodically share on the #Outsider Daily Twitter curation.    It was also an interesting weekend as I made the brief rounds of the Sunday Morning US Public Affairs Shows as Candidates made their pitch and also caught a glimpse of comments by Carly Fiorina as she was speaking at a forum in Texas earlier reflecting upon Character, Faith and leadership.     This is as Jeb Bush was on CNN earlier going into a war of words with Donald Trump.

It will be a busy week in #Outsiders as the team will be sharing thoughts on Solar Decathalon 2015 (#SD2015), The US Election Scene, on Zimbabwe along with some of the on-going thoughts on Government.       This is as the parallel project of Daily Outsider 2.x continues.

As I conclude these thoughts for the week before "running" off",  I wanted to feature this (which our team earlier featured on the "Visions" Channel ) on those who are truly at the forefront of making a difference--although the disturbing trend of 1% of the World owning over 50% of the World's Wealth is a profound challenge that all of us have to recognize:

NYT Now: Five Visionary Tech Entrepreneurs Who Are Changing the World

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