Sunday, July 17, 2016

On this Tragic Day in #BatonRogue: Brief Personal Thoughts

It has been a dark day in America as three cops fell as they were doing their job protecting the citizens of Baton Rogue, Louisiana.    As I supported @DailyOutsider earlier with a View of the Week, for me this was personal in many ways I remember how cops talked about how they expected the worst and hoped for the best.   It should not have to be that way.   They are us--and we have to remember that.    I understood this ever more when I had the pleasure to attend my City's Citizens Academy.

After Dallas,   I made it a point of reaching out to my local Police Leadership team underscoring how an attack on one Cop is an attack on us all.    As the Police Commissioner of New York noted, we live in perilous times and it is a very complex place--talk is not enough.  We have to go beyond it.   I also note how Commissioner noted how we have to stop talking past each other.    We have to also think about Guns in this Country--the idea of an AR-15 being legal is just beyond the pale to me. 

We can, shall and will overcome.

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