Thursday, July 7, 2016

Tragic Days.....

America has been witness to the tragic shootings of two African American Men within the past 24 hours.     However, I could not help but take to my personal space here as I note how ill I was to my stomach I was as I saw that 10 Dallas Police Officers were shot and three have died by snipers during a protest rally in Texas.   I helped finish an update for #Outsiders earlier tonight on it.    I can't even begin to imagine what the families of the fallen officers are feeling.   Thoughts and prayers for those families are just not enough more for them--is it?   

Some will say this is not a time for politics--especially the folks at the NRA, Gun Owners of America and their supporters in Congress.    Over the last number of years, we have seen shooting after shooting.   Kids got shot in Sandy Hook.   Nothing was done.    People of faith were shot in Charleston.   Nothing was done.   A lowlife subhuman  madman massacred 150 people in Orlando.    Nothing was done.   Now, 10 cops have been shot and three have died.    This is as the President spoke to the profound challenge that African American Men Continue to face consistently in the hands of law enforcement while on his last NATO Summit.     Although some  arguments by Brooklyn College's Corey Robin has merit,  it is critical that we all collectively make a concerted effort to not just make sure the African American Community is safe, but all Americans are--and the insanity is pervasive ever more.

Yoda's admonition is ever so true now: 

The time to do something is Now.    The time for trying is over.   The tragedy of it is that Congress is not even trying (despite the best of intentions) as it talks about the Constitution and their claim to protect "due process".  What about ensuring public safety?    As the Benghazi obsession was finished by Congress after millions spent, now they've got another one:  The Clinton Emails.     

The need to govern is ever so evident.     Will that happen?   I wonder....

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