Friday, July 22, 2016

Working Away.....

Jefferson Quran 

As I was working away @ The Daily Outsider, I also was working away on the "Grid" assessing the aftermath of the Donald Trump Speech last night.     I did not see the speech but read the transcript and what I read was dark, scary and divisive.      The +Vox  Ezra Klein gave voice to the danger of the Trump Presidency.      Although I did not see the speech, I caught snippets of it when the Daily Show and the Late Show provided analysis on it which validated what Ezra Klein noted in his article.  The problem has been that unless one was a fan of +The Real News Network    Followed & checked out the Twitter Channel for the Daily Outsider , read the Economist of London, watched the Daily Show,  the Media was by in large asleep at the Wheel until it was too late.    The coverage was in the billions--and it yielded the result as it did.    Jon Stewart joined the late show to tear into Mr. Trump's narrative--for me the most powerful point was when the pseudo-patriots did not even want to renew the support for the 9/11 First Responders.      

As I was working away on the "Grid", I picked up the image posted by a Facebook Friend on the Thomas Jefferson's Quran that is now at the Library of Congress.     I could not help but wonder about Newt Gingrich's Comments on Muslims as I saw this and took President Obama's queue to actually check out as I saw this on the Library of Congress on how tolerant they actually were as America was being formed (an experiment that continues even now).

There were some late breaking developments on the political front Beyond the historical facts, there were some late breaking developments.     An 18-Year Old German-Iranian went on a shooting spree in Munich and then killed himself.     This is as Hillary Clinton settled on Tim Kaine, the US Senator and Former Governor of Virginia, as her Vice Presidential Pick.    News reports (and I picked it up first on Twitter) started the news, Mrs.  Clinton sent out a text (with her signature "H") and then it became  news.   It is probably a good choice since Virginia is important and if they win, Virginia Governor Terry McAculiff (A Democrat)  will appoint a Democrat to replace him.    The "snapshot" by the Washington Post captured the selection process and the thinking by Mrs Clinton brilliantly tonight.

Onward to the weekend with all its' possiblities....

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