Monday, July 25, 2016

On the Dawn of a New Week: Thoughts...& Other Thoughts.......and believing in Miracles......

As the new week is at hand, I decided to share some "tidbits" of thoughts over the past weeks--and as I was on Facebook, this popped up from 2010--It is this admonition that was so timely in the current challenging political environment before us: 

This is as also saw this that is quite a tough admonition to live up to:

“We must admit
the vanity of our false distinctions among men
and learn to find our own advancement
in the search for the advancement of all.
We must admit in ourselves
that our own children’s future
cannot be built on the misfortunes of others.
We must recognize
that this short life can neither be ennobled
or enriched by hatred or revenge.”

~ Robert F. Kennedy

As I was trying to temper my disappointment about the tone of the Republican National Convention, I saw this from another Facebook Friend who is one of the leading schoalrs of Iranian History int he World Today about his fears as he also featured Fareed Zakaria's takedown of Mr. Trump:   

After Mr. Trump's speech, for the first time I am worried for my family and the future in this country. I am just like Fareed Zakaria. I was born into a secular Muslim family. That is part of multiple identities which I carry. As Carlo Gainzburg once wrote, to paraphrase him, he never identified himself as a Jew, until he was identified by others to be as one.
If I am to be classified, stamped or have a badge, or my family and I are to be put into some camp, in the name of security, I will leave. But before I turn in my American passport and leave, I hope others will not vote for this candidate of the Republican party. This is not about keeping the party line. It is about common decency and humanity.

What he said during his speech was in line with fascist speeches of the 1930s and 1940s. This man is devisive and destructive for this country and for the rest of the world. Government is not a business. International politics is not corporate America. Letting the army and the police into the street of America will not solve our problems. Bombing other countries will not bring security to the US and the world. It will only worsen it.
What has become to the party of Lincoln and Roosevelt?

I also begin this week with this simple and yet powerful clip from one of my favorite artists Cold Play--the race has to be finished--and that we shall: 

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