Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tips to a Person Living with HIV; Beware of HPV

We bring you yet another article that we hope will help have the HIV-care plan that will guarantee you a quality life and wellness.

The Human papilloma virus is one virus you need to talk to your doctor about, if you are living with HIV. Or if you are in non-monogamous relations. It will help you avoid HPV-related cancers and diseases.

HPV, can cause pre-cancers which may manifest later in life. Early detection can help you avoid late stage illnesses.

HPV, can be transmitted by rubbing and body-to-body contact. Sexual intercourse may have taken place or not. It does not stop one getting HPV.

HPV, has no signs and symptoms. So, unless one goes to a doctor for a check up it is hard to know.

HPV, resolves on its own. But, you should ask your health worker or doctor about immunizations.

HPV related cancers include:
1. anal cancer
2. rectal cancer
3. genital warts
4. cervical cancer
5. vaginal cancer
6. vulvar cancer

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