Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Notations On Our World (Special Mid-Wk Edition) : As The new @POTUS is at Work.....

Our team has been on the prowl assessing the first week of the New Trump Administration.  As we look forward to sharing some observations in an upcoming edition of Notations On Our World, it has been quite a whirlwind as the New Trump Government begins to take shape.     The column by the +Esquire  magazine Charlie Pierce was an indication of how challenging things are as The Trump Administration gets down to the business of Governing. 

There was some early morning Tweets from the President on Voter Fraud, an Executive Order on the Wall was signed and as we went to press, we are awaiting remarks by the President at the Department of Homeland Security.    The President underscored that Mexico will "pay" for the wall as he noted that it will cost 8 Billion to Build--even though estimates note it as at least 15 Billion with an annual maintenance cost of at least 700 Million.    This is as the Government of Israel has become emboldened by approving 2500 new residences for settlements in occupied West Bank despite a United Nations Resolution against it and over 70 Countries gathering in Paris at the final days of the Obama Administration--summarily dismissed by Israel.

Our team picked up this image courtesy of the Iranian Student Association at Penn State University which is poignant for all to be reminded of on what is ostensibly a "New Normal":

We also wanted to pay tribute to the memory of Mary Tyler Moore who passed away.   May she RIP....

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