Sunday, January 8, 2017

Time for Change

It is no longer business as usual, 
but that may be a good thing.

Many in this country voted for change.  There will be many changes in Washington, DC that people of all political beliefs will be closely watching and should be closely watching. Perhaps this tumultuous time will inspire more people to take action in new and positive ways. 

Stay informed:
Read a newspaper. Websites and newscasters use DRAMA!!! to get your attention, especially on slow news days. When something is in writing, you can analyze and process it on your own.
Look at issues from both sides. Don’t rely on only The Huffington Post or The National Review. Look at both and do a little research. Try to find the reason behind the newest appointee or proposed legislation. You may change your mind or you may become even more committed to speaking out.
Research topics at . Even if you disagree with the ACLU’s stand on a topic, this site has plenty of links to research and to ways to get involved.
Let your Elected Officials know what you want: (Be careful with this site. It sends me to the wrong representative based on zip code – It isn’t the person on my ballot – so make sure you know who your rep is!)

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  1. the change to Trump is not the change the world needs. We all miss Obama