Sunday, March 4, 2018

Notations On Our World (Special W-End Edition): On #Oscar2018 & Last Men in #Aleppo | POV | PBS

It is #Oscar2018 later on this evening.   This is as Hollywood has undergone a profound transformation--and one of the nominees is the  Last Men in Aleppo | POV | PBS that seeks to see the Syrian War through the eyes of volunteer rescue workers called the White Helmets, Last Men in Aleppo allows viewers to experience the daily life, death, and struggle in the streets, where they are fighting for sanity in a city where war has become the norm.   It won the  2017 Sundance World Cinema Grand Jury Prize for Documentary.

As we wen to press, the siege of Ghoutta continued onward with no end in sight--what was also unfortuante in our view was that the Director of the Last Men in Aleppo was not granted a Visa to attend the Oscars.   We also understand that only two of the White Helmets featured in this memo have only sruvived.

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