Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Notations On Our World (Special @POTUS Edition): On the Eve of #SOTU2019

As we went to press with this edition of Notations,  we were awaiting the formal State of the Union by President Trump and the Formal Democratic Response by Stacey Abrams of Georgia.   We also understand that Senator Bernie Sanders will have his own response.   This is as a response will be forthcoming on behalf of Hispanic Americans by the Attorney General of California, Xavier Becerra.

On the eve of the State of the Union, Steve Rattner shared some insights on the numbers behind the First Two Years as Negotiations continue on the Wall with the potential of another Government Shutdown in Sight:

This is as Axios unveiled a major leak from the White House on the President's Schedule with 70% of his time being spent on Executive Time with push back from the White House Staff:

Please note this courtesy of the White House:

1600 Daily
The White House • February 4, 2019

Meet the special guests for tomorrow’s State of the Union

Today, President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump announced the special guests who will join them at the U.S. Capitol tomorrow night.

This year’s guests come from all different walks of life, and each has an incredible story to tell. Many have overcome exceptional hardship. Some have served our country in the Armed Forces or in law enforcement. Others have endured personal tragedy because of America’s broken immigration system.

No matter their story, each guest has something important in common: They represent the very best of America.

They’re also resilient. Take Roy James. After working for 26 years at a sawmill in Vicksburg, Mississippi, he was told the facility would close its doors last May. His family had lived in town for generations and wanted to keep it that way. Thankfully, Vicksburg was designated an Opportunity Zone in President Trump’s tax reform law. The plant reopened, and Roy was rehired to oversee the whole facility. 

Or Matthew Charles. After leaving the Army, Matthew fell into a life of crime. Arrested for selling drugs in 1995, he found God while serving his sentence and became a mentor and GED course instructor for fellow inmates. After more than two decades behind bars, on January 3, he became the first prisoner released as a result of the First Step Act.

Meet each of the special guests.

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