Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Notations on Our World (Weekly Edition): On a an interesting 24 hours on the US Political Front

As we went to press with this edition of "Notations" 16 US States with a total of 125 Million Americans sued the Trump Administration to rescind the border Wall.   Trevor Noah reflected upon the National Emergency last night--as Senator Bernie Sanders joined the Presidential Race and underscored to John Dickerson this morning on CBS News This Morning that "We Would Win".    This is as @AOC (otherwise known as Congressman Alexandria Ocassio-Cortez) received another "smackdown" from one of the pro-Trump media network, the Washington Examiner earlier today--after there were other attempts including criticizing an apparent hiring of her boyfriend.  .  This is also as former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe began his formal book tour with an appearance on NBC's Today show and received some tough questions--and among his revelations was how the US Congress Gang of 8 ( the most senior leadership in Congress) were briefed as the investigation began.

Challenging times indeed...

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