Saturday, March 30, 2019

Notations On Our World (Special Q-End Edition): On #Iran, @EarthHour & Other Thoughts....


Iran has continued to deal with floods of biblical proportions.    As we have been assessing the Government and Civil Society response, we ran across an excerpt from the Supreme Guide of the country, Ayatollah Khameini, whereby he talked about how he stopped a major flooding by virtue of spreading some dirt from the tomb of Imam Hussein--a depiction memorialized in the headline image we captured from the Social Grid.   We joined others in asking why the same could not be done--and this was memorialized in the image above--as the realities, though as reflected below, underscores the continued story of utter  incompetence , lack of regard for the public good and corruption at all levels in spite of the reporting by the Regime's Media Outlets:

In spite of the horrific stories, we saw stories of the human spirit that was heartening--from ordinary folks opening up their homes, repairing cars to rushing supplies to the areas.    Our team was proud to profile this young child worker who donated part of his salary to help the victims of the flooding--he shines shoes in the Capital City, Tehran--the inscription we captured is courtesy of Tavana, the Iranian Civic & Cultural Organization in Farsi:

We were also quite shocked by reporting that the Supreme Guide had a recent meeting with the families of the Fallen of the War in Syria.   In our Research, we realized that Iran had dispatched a battalion of 15,000 Afghan Refugees to the Wary in Syria--and 2,000 of them had died as a result of the War.   This is another reporting we captured courtesy of Radio Farda, Part of the Voice of America Farsi Service:

As we assessed the latest out of Iran, our team ran across this clip from the imprisoned Human Rights Lawyer and Campaigner, Nasrin Soutodeh:

She has received a sentence of 38 years and 148 Lashes for charges that in our view are  not even worth mentioning.    Our Editor is in the midst of working to translate her most recent letter from Prison along with a tribute from the famed director, Jafar Panahi, which we will feature in our properties soon.   This Viral Video is from a recent visit she had in prison with her Son and Daughter--she's joking around with her Son as her daughter cries in the background.    One prominent Iranian-American referred to her as Iran's Nelson Mandela.   We could not agree more as we also pay homage to all the other political prisoners.

As we close out this final edition of Notations for The 1st Quarter of 2019, Earth Hour is before us as we will join the World in going dark for Earth Hour 2019 in tribute to all the fighters for justice and freedom around the World and for a better tomorrow:

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