Saturday, June 19, 2021

Notations From The Grid (W-End Edition): Thoughts on Leadership


The Rise and Fall of Carlos Ghosn
New from the HBR IdeaCast podcast: The Rise and Fall of Carlos Ghosn, a special series that tells Ghosn’s story through original reporting, management analysis, and insider accounts — including an interview with Ghosn himself.
When Japan’s most famous CEO is suddenly arrested, conflicts are revealed in the Renault-Nissan Alliance he led for two decades. Then Ghosn jumps bail by stowing away in a private jet to Lebanon.
His daring escape raises new questions about his alleged financial misconduct and the corporate system that kept him in power. What went right — and wrong — at Nissan? And what can we learn from it?
IdeaCast host Curt Nickisch explores Ghosn’s successes and failures, discovering insights on the nature of people, corporations, and management.
How did Carlos Ghosn go from being one of the world's most visionary CEOs to a fugitive from justice? Over four episodes, we’ll find out.
This special series is inspired and informed by the new book Collision Course: Carlos Ghosn and the Culture Wars that Upended an Auto Empire.

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