Monday, January 18, 2016

As A New Week Dawns in #Outsiders: On Jason Rezaian, #MLKDay & Other Thoughts.......

I was on Twitter this morning as I also got word that Twitter was down for 10 Minutes.   It did not impact me or the team's daily AM Twitter Roundup on the daily Am "Roundup".    As the aftermath of the deal has been debated in Iran and the United States, one image I saw on the Washington Post this morning which I was so pleased to share on my Facebook page said it all:


It was such an honor for my personally to add my name to the petition as Ali Rezaian, Jason's Brother, Began on Change.Org as his case was kept alive.      I was not as aware of the other cases as I would have liked to have been.    Earlier this year, I  came to realize that one of them, Amir Hekmati, was a distant relative.     Challenges abound though especially as I am seeing reports of over half of candidates up for the upcoming elections have been rejected by Iran's Guardian Council.    Our team is working away on a Notation on some of the true realities out there which the team advises me will be ready for release this week.

Beyond this good news, it is also a day to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. King.   Our team released a series of thoughts to remember Dr. King earlier today available on the network.      It was gratifying to see the two major search engines, Bing & Google, Honor Dr. King's legacy as well    I was so happy as I once again fired off Bing's beautiful tribute earlier as I also note the cute Google Doodle as well which I also shared over my personal Twitter Feed that I saw on the @MLKDay  Twiter feed and as all click on the Doodle, a tribute courtesy of the team at +Guideposts 

Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2016

It is also of note to realize that in some ways he was a revolutionary before his time--His eloquent opposition to Vietnam underscored this.    What Truthout just noted is also worth noting here:

Page May, Truthout: Martin Luther King, Jr. was a radical, intersectional civil rights organizer who was rebranded after his death as a sanitized national hero. But the restriction of his legacy to memorialized speeches grossly misrepresents the movement of which he was a part.

Onward to the new week with all its' possiblities

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