Tuesday, January 12, 2016

On the "Virtual Beat" w/Brief Thoughts On Today in #Outsiders & Other Thoughts

It was another busy morning throughout Outsiders as the team worked on the properties and finalized the Daily Social Media Review.   What I personally found disturbing was a report in +Haaretz הארץ about how Hamas has nearly rebuilt the Tunnel Network destroyed by Israel during the 2014 Gaza War.  I was also taken aback by this from Lebanon:

It was also a sad day of sorts--but also a day to remember and celebrate quite a life as I joined the World in remembering a legend that passed away:  David Bowie.        What he noted in this I saw is ever so critical--it is about living a legacy that I try to underscore in the work we do here @ #Outsiders on a day in and day out basis:

“Fame itself doesn’t really afford you anything more 
than a good seat in a restaurant.”
~ David Bowie
David Bowie 

It is also always good news when one hears about marriages.     I have profound disagreements with Rupert Murdoch and have so noted in my Twitter Feeds.   However when the team sent out a congratulatory Tweet on the pending marriage of Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall (Mick Jagger's Ex), I thanked them for it because good news should always be celebrated not withstanding the challenging times we live in.

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