Sunday, January 10, 2016

As A New Week Dawns....

It was an interesting weekend as our team finished off on-going curation as the new week begins.   I also stepped back to think about and reflect upon quite a number of on-going upcoming mergers.

The key thing that has been at the forefront right now is the state of the World Economy.   China is slowing down and once again markets in China were quite weak.   The US Election cycle is also quite vibrant and our team finished an edition on Notations that would be available in the network later on.     The man that is yet to be beaten at all is Mr. Trump.  Although there is polling that continues to suggest a soft underbelly of his support, it is yet to work itself out.

Beyond the political and broad economic challenges, there are some rather interesting news that our team will be monitoring throughout the year.    There are a number of mega-mergers out there including: 

  • Walgreens and Rite Aid
  • Staples & Office Depot
  • Dow & DuPont
  • Dell & EMC 

This realignment has profound implications for the long-term in the Country and will be subject to some scrutiny.    We will be monitoring the progress it.   What I found laughable though was the legal action taken by TransCanada over the decision by the Obama Administration over the KeyStone Pipeline XL.    The team will continue to assess this on an on-going basis.    

Beyond some of the key focus points this week, I was blown away by some of the developments out of the Consumer Electornics Show in Las Vegas.    A new French Company called Sensorwake has created an Alarm Clock with a beautiful scent.    It was created by a 19-year French Entrepreneur and hope you all check it out yourself!!!  There was also The Altra IQ™ which was powered by iFit, a smart shoe for runners.   This was just a "snaspshot" of stuff out there @ CES as a new sleuth of Television and other interesting gadgets were introduced including this--A Drone by Ehang capable of carrying a Human: 

Chinese Drone Maker Unveils Human-Carrying Drone

Beyond this, there is what is going on in California.    The budget that was uneviled by Governor Jerry Brown has in it some major uptick in spending especially for schools.   Spending per pupil is slated to be at $ 14,500 (with Federal Funds) which will mean some very cool windfall for the school District I have a keen interest in:  Capistrano Unified.     I was also very pleased with a slight increase in Corrections Spending as I was pleased with his plan to spruce up the rainy day fund more than it was required--some $ 2 Billion Dollars more.

It is bound to be quite a week of development work as I hope all enjoy this very insightful clip from Nobel Laureates:  

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