Monday, January 25, 2016

As A New Week Dawns....

It was quite a week-end having had the privilege and pleasure to support my Son with his Eagle Project and also having met up with a Eagle Candidate on his Merit Badge.   It is such a joy and privilege to be witness to such dedication and commitment despite it all.

As our team has been "in development" with notations to be released througout the week, I ran across this very perceptive thought from Darren Hardy that goes to the heart of success at its' core:

If this does not motivate anyone, nothing will--It was a good reminder for me personally as I continue onward supporting the journey undertaken here in #Outsiders.    By the grace of the almighty,  the team will do its' part.    What was crucial as a reminder also was the very essence of the #Outsider Mission: "...To help change the conversation about our World One Notation, One Tweet and One Weibo at a time...".    This was as I saw this cross my "Virtual Desk" this morning:

One child,
one teacher,
one pen and one book
can change the world.”

~ Malala Yousafzai

Can't say it better myself...Onward to the new week !!!

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