Friday, January 15, 2016

On A Challenging Week...Yet so much to be thankful For.....

It has been a rather challenging week here in #outsiders as the team was on the "prowl" for President Obama's last state of the Union.    Our team's focus primarily was to underscore the key themes and provide a balanced view of the key challenges being faced.     I look forward to being supportive of it over the ensuing weeks and months as we are now "officially" in campaign season in the United States.

Beyond the politics, there is the human element always.    I had the pleasure to once again help staff the St. Timothy's Catholic Church Food Pantry this past Wednesday.  I happened to help a lady with the food she'd shopped to her car--and I subsequently was told by another team member that she had taken refuge in a Battered Woman's with her friend who was with her.  I don't mind noting that it was absolutely disheartening to hear it.    I subsequently struck a conversation with a father who had fallen on hard times.   He had five kids--All I could tell him to smile and never allow the World to change his smile.    I hope and pray that I somehow made his day just a little bit better.

As I was working away selfishly concerned about my own challenges, I saw this:

I just got to know MOAS briefly after this report and I am frankly in awe.    I warn all (and our team shared it earlier as well in a special edition of Notations) that the Clip by the wonderful team @ SkyNews is horrific to be witness to.   The great reporter pitched in to help as I saw the MOAS volunteers jumping in cold water.

It is a stark reminder about all that we're blessed with--and a reaffirmation of all that we can do to make a difference.  

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