Monday, May 7, 2018

Notations On Our World (Special Edition): On the #IranDeal

As we went to press, President Trump released a Tweet advising of his intentions regarding continued US Participation in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)--otherwise known as the #IranDeal or the #IranNuclearDeal.   There have been also pronoucements by the Iranian Leadership including an implicit message from President Rouhani of Iran stating that Iran will continue to abide by the terms as long as the Europeans remained.   This is also as UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was in Washington meeting with the Secretary of State, the Vice President and making the US Media Rounds--including an appearance on President Trump's Favorite show Fox & Friends.

France and Germany already came out in strong support of the nuclear deal:

The BiPartisan Policy Center's  Blaise Misztal just released this in anticipation of the Iran Deal as the World awaits President Trump's annoucement and the aftermath: 

On Iran, It's Not About the Art of the Deal
By Blaise Misztal

President Donald Trump has sold himself as the consummate deal-maker. But while he has been clear-eyed about the Iran nuclear accord, he has perhaps been overly focused on its shortcomings. This risks not only losing sight of the deal's one advantage and its true costs, but also replicating his predecessor's mistake: reducing all Iran policy issues to the agreement.

President Barack Obama's diplomatic perseverance made the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or the JCPOA, possible, but it also became a restraint. During negotiations, and even after the deal was struck, the Obama administration did not confront Iran on other serious issues — its bloody involvement in Syria or the 2016 capture of 10 American sailors in the Persian Gulf — for fear of upsetting the accord. 

Read the Op-Ed in Roll Call

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