Thursday, May 24, 2018

Notations On Our World (Special Memorial Day W-End Edition): On This Eve of Memorial Day W-End Here in the United States

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On this Memorial Day 2018, our Editor passed this on to us he received from the Executive Director and  Dean of Students Affairs at Walden University where he is doing Post-Graduate Work in Public Policy during our Weekly Review.  We are pleased to feature this on Memorial Day Week-End is before Us: 

On this day, Americans across the nation and citizens located around the world will pause throughout the day to observe Memorial Day. Since its first official observation on May 5, 1868, when it was called Declaration Day, it has been a day of remembrance for those who sacrificed and died in our nation’s service. And while it was originally dedicated to honor Civil War soldiers, we know it today as a celebration in memory of all who have fought and defended our right to freedom. Today, it remains a time of celebration to honor and to respect those who fought to protect the liberties that our Founding Fathers proclaimed with certainty in the Declaration of Independence and that were thoughtfully and carefully framed in the Constitution of the United States.

Research shows:
  • In 80 months of the Revolutionary War there were over 4,000 deaths, or about 55 Americans dying each month of the war,
  • In 37 months of the Korean War, there were over 33,000 deaths, or about 909 Americans dying in combat each month of the war,
  • In 90 months of the Vietnam War, there were over 47,000 deaths, or about 526 Americans dying in combat each month of the war,
  • In 1 month of the Gulf War there were 293 deaths, or 148 Americans dying in combat the month of the war.
  • Within 14 months of fighting in Iraq, there were over 800 deaths, or 57 Americans dying each month of the war, and
  • 6,840 Americans have died in Iraq and Afghanistan in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom
Those Americans who died in all these wars performed their duty. We know who they are, as we visit the cemeteries and note the dates of their shortened lives on the headstones. We know their loved ones, their spouses, parents, their children, and the friends who shall always miss them. To those who died securing peace and freedom; to those who served in conflict to protect our land and sacrificed their dreams of the day to preserve the hope of our nation – keeping America the land of the free for over two centuries – we owe our thanks and our honor.  It is important to not only recognize their service but to respect their devotion to duty and to ensure that the purpose for which they fought will never be forgotten. So, let us pause to remember, with respect and honor on this Memorial Day, those who fought, those who gave their life, and those who willingly stand ready today to do the same, without question, when the defense of freedom calls on them. We owe each of them the highest regard, respect and honor – and the assurance that their commitment to this Nation’s freedom will never be forgotten.  

Today, let’s salute our veterans!  Today, let’s salute our troops! And today, let’s salute the fallen! 

 Let us not forget! Lest we forget! Gone, but not forgotten! 

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