Thursday, May 10, 2018

Notations On Our World (Special Edition): On Israel, Iran & Syria....

Missiles over Daara, Syria
Missiles Over Syria 

One of the Israeli strikes targets in Syria.
Live Attack Scenes (Courtesy Haaretz/Israeli Defense Forces) 
Within the past Hour, Israel launched its' largest raid on Syria in response to what it notes as "Projectiles" that was launched from Syria under the apparent orders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps Quds Force.    Based on reporting our Team has just reviewed, Russia was informed before hand.    The Israeli Defense Chief has noted that all Iranian Facilities in Syria have been struck as the images above were captured courtesy of Haaretz and The Guadian: 

As we went to press, Iran's Official News Agency was silent and one of the few reformist papers, Sharq (whose Editor was detained a few weeks ago), was silent as it headlined the Supreme Leader's Latest Broadside against the United States.

For late breaking developments, please continue tuning in to our Broadcast Pod Partner, Al Jazeera over the ensuing days--and as we just went to press, President Trump was at Joint Base Andrews as the Secretary of State returned to Washington with three Americans freed from North Korea.   The President and the First Lady are in the Plane right now meeting with the former Prisoners as the date of the Summit with The North Korean Leaders looms--They have just emerged from the plane with the President and the First Lady. 

Interesting times.....    

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