Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Notations From the Grid (Weekly Edition): @GOP Rushes #Kavanaugh Hearing Amid @realDonald0Trump Legal Woes: A Closer Look

As  the Kavanaugh hearings began and as Bob Woodward's New Week hit the stands with this reporting by Mr. Woodward's Paper, The Washington Post ((and as reported by Seth Meyers, Bob Woodward has a audio recording of his interview with the President--and as The President & John Dowd are strongly denying the claims--and even Brit Hume from Fox News is backing Mr. Woodward): 


This is as Pete Souza sent out a few of his Social Media Broadsides our team captured over the past 24 hours as the aftermath of the book (including stealing documents)--and as Bob Woodward asked for an interview and was ignored initially despite an intervention by Senator Lindsay Graham:

Since our team released this, this was released by the Washington Post : 

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