Saturday, September 22, 2018

Notations On Our World (Special Quarter-End Edition): Out & About.....

Our World was witness yet again to change this week as we were witness to an iconic American Brand of Journalism, Time Magazine, being bought by the Co-Founder of SalesForce.Com.   We also were witness to Comcast (The parent of NBCUniversal), buy out Sky of theUK.    Our team has featured the SkyNews live broadcast in our Live Broadcast POD in our Visions and Education Property and we hope that Comcast will continue its' commitment to maintain Sky's independence.  

Beyond the changing media landscape, we have also been on the prowl assessing the on-going political scene.    The reporting by the New York Times on the Deputy Attorney General along with the controversy over the Supreme Court Nomination has been making the headlines in the United States.   However, what is going on in Europe with Brexit (as Britain will leave the Union in less than 200 days), is what happened in Salzsburg.   The European Union rejected the British Prime Minister Plan and British Papers had a field day over this:

What the President of France noted was telling:  Those who were in favor of Brexit were liars.  It is interesting that a second referendum continues to be rejected as the British Prime Minister gears up for his Conservative Party Conference with potential leadership challenges--including her former Foreign Secretary and a leading Brexit Campaigner, Boris Johnson, who is apparently waiting in the wings in this regard.

As Europe continues to deal with Brexit and on-going Immigration issues, there is the Iran.    Iran was witness to a terrorist attack by an Iranian Arab Separatist Organization--although ISIS (also known as Daesh in the Middle East) claimed responsibility during a military parade which saw a number of civilians including children lose their lives.      The Government promised a crushing response:

The Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, is due to arrive in New York for the upcoming UN General Assembly Session that is slated to start this week.   An Iranian Human Rights Organization organized a Street Campaign to remind all of the Human Rights Record of the current Government in Tehran as a number of leading defenders of Human Rights including Nasrin Soutodeh (currently on hunger strike as we went to press with this final edition of Notations), Mr. Shoulesadri (a former Presidential Candidate, Member of Parliament and Attorney) and other continue to be detained:

Profound challenging times indeed as a new Quarter dawns.....

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