Friday, September 14, 2018

Notations On Our World (Special Friday Edition): Out & About in Our World....

As the battle for Syria continues,  our team captured this courtesy of the team at Radio Farda (part of the Voice of America Network) depiciting the Ayatollah Khameini, Vladimir Putin and Bashar Asad being backed up by the Commander of the Quds Force, Ghasem Solemaini as Syria lies in Ruins and people continue to die especially as strikes against the rebel enclave of Idlib has begun.  This is as we leave you with this snapshot in line with our mission to bring alternative perspectives of our World:

Kavanaugh Probably Lied Under Oath, But is Still Heading Towards Confirmation
During his confirmation hearings in 2004, 2006, and 2018 Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was repeatedly asked about stolen documents and repeatedly denied knowing about them, despite evidence to the contrary. We speak to investigative reporter Lisa Graves

As Hurricane Florence Batters Carolinas, Media Ignores Climate Change Connection
Hurricanes are getting more powerful and more destructive because of global warming, which gives storms more energy, but as the mass media reports on the destruction, they leave out this connection. Climate scientist Kevin Trenberth explains the link

Trump Abandons All Pretense of Being a 'Fair Broker' in the Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Gideon Levy explains that the US is doing everything to disempower, humiliate and weaken Palestinian representation. Contrary to common belief, the US is not doing the State of Israel any favors

The Economy Under Trump: Business Optimism Combined with Inequality
Trump’s Chair of Economic Advisors presented a glowing analysis of how business optimism and investment boomed with Trump’s election. But what do these figures mask and how accurate are they? We take a closer look at the data with PERI’s Gerald Epstein

Argentina: In Dollars We Trust
In Argentina, with its already high inflation rate of around 30 percent, the prices for food, energy, transport and technology have become significantly more expensive recently.


Lula da Silva Attends PT Rally Campaign
Fernando Haddad will be the Brazilian Workers’ Party’s presidential candidate, replacing Lula da Silva. Brazil’s Supreme Court had disqualified frontrunner Silva last week and now the race is on to beat far-right Jair Bolsonaro. Michael Fox reports from Brazil


Are Warnings About Chemical Warfare in Syria Another 'Weapon of Mass Distraction'?
Col. Larry Wilkerson says that it was the plan of John Bolton and the neocons to take Iraq, then Syria, and then Iran. These false flag operations are all about maintaining the perpetual war in the region

Sen. Bob Graham: FBI Covered Up Role of Bandar and Saudis in 9/11 Attacks (Pt.1/2)
TRNN Replay: Senator Bob Graham, former Co-Chair of the Joint Congressional Committee investigating 9/11, says there is evidence in the “28 redacted pages” that the FBI knew of Saudi Ambassador Bandar’s links to Al Qaida terrorists before the attacks

Leaked Clips from Censored Documentary on Israel Lobby Reveal Attacks on US Activists
Excerpts of the censored Al Jazeera undercover film on the Israel lobby in the US have started to be leaked. The Electronic Intifada’s Ali Abunimah and the Grayzone Project’s Max Blumenthal explain how these clips show the Israeli government backing attacks on American pro-Palestinian activists and Black Lives Matter

Rep. Ro Khanna Denounces Support for Saudis in Yemen and Interventionist Foreign Policy
Ro Khanna addresses the war in Yemen and his new bill co-sponsored with Bernie Sanders that would force billionaires like Jeff Bezos to pay fair wages or face penalties

Far-Right Gains in Swedish Election, Continuing European Trend
The far-right and anti-immigrant party, Swedish Democrats, increase their share of the vote from 13 to 18 percent, while neither of the two major party alliances, of the center-left and of the center-right has enough votes to form a government on its own. We analyze the result with Ali Esbati, an Iranian-Swedish member of parliament

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