Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Notations From the Grid (Special Tuesday Edition): On #Iran & the United States

The United States designated Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp as a terrorist organization today-one of the key pillars in the Islamic Republic.    We will have more to say on it over the ensuing days as Iran continues to grapple with the aftermath of the storms of biblical proportions that we've released notations on.    The role of the Guard has been under scrutiny as we have been assessing how the official channels have covered this--including, for instance, a "gift" from the Supreme Guide and asking people for help in spite of vast fortunes being controlled by the Supreme Guide.    This captured how the Guard has been perceived:

This is as this clip on the frustruation of the ordinary faces with the Government in power was evident:

 Going viral in #Iran social media today: The man took a jab at the Governor of province of Khuzestan by saying “will you do a thing for the #flooded people here or keep [spending money] in #Syria instead?” The Governor loses his cool & says “go away you rude anti regime” pic.twitter.com/STQiTmrbnx

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