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Notations From the Grid (Special W-End Edition): On @POTUS Watch Re #MuellerReport

The Mueller Report is out--and it has been making the headlines.  President Trump has been fundraising off it.   We here present a sampling of all the discourse throughout the day as the report continues to be analyzed & discussed--as the debate may switch to impeachment even though it will not happen due to the total control the Republicans have in the United States Senate:  


by jonathanturley

I am doing legal analysis for CBS News and BBC in New York today but, for those who have not read the report, it is linked below.

Donald Trump May Not Be Guilty of Obstruction, but He Is Guilty of Arrogant Stupidity
The president heedlessly created the appearance that he was trying hard, though ineptly, to hide something.
By Jacob Sullum
Trump May Not Have Obstructed the Mueller Investigation, But It Sure Looks Like He Tried
Was the president saved by the swamp he campaigned against?
By Peter Suderman
Bill Barr ‘Disagreed’ with Some of Mueller’s ‘Legal Theories’ on Obstruction
The Mueller report was released to the public shortly after the press conference.
By Joe Setyon
April 18, 2019
Contact: Emily Phelps |
Washington, DC — The Indivisible Project’s national policy director Angel Padilla released the following statement in response to the release of the redacted Mueller report:
The Mueller report is finally out thanks to the efforts from Indivisibles and grassroot activists who were relentless in their demands for transparency. Still, we are disappointed in the heavy redactions placed on the report and the many questions left unanswered. Congress must now press Barr to provide them with the full report and continue to investigate.
It’s clear the White House would prefer to keep the public in the dark, and that Barr was specifically chosen for this reason. We fully support House Democrats utilizing their oversight and investigative powers to continue to get to the truth and to make it clear that no one is above the law.
As we look to 2020 and beyond, one of Indivisible’s main priorities is to protect and expand our democracy by fighting for more transparency, more accountability and a bigger voice in our own government. The Mueller report is just one part of this fight. Nevertheless, we will continue demanding the truth.
# # #
Text MuellerTime to 97779 for more detail.
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- Indivisible Team

President Trump is spending the week-end at his Estate in Florida as the implications continue--he has been lashing out on Twitter at one time attacking folks who took notes--as the White House Counsel Don McGahn noted now Real Lawyers took notes.  A Culture of dishonesty was what the New York Times documented.

As we went to Press, here was the latest out of Congress as the ramifications of the report continue:

The Washington Post
Democracy Dies in Darkness
Politics P.M.
Politics happens fast. Catch up.

Mueller report updates: Nadler subpoenas full findings; White House calls it ‘political grandstanding’
President Trump and his supporters sought to turn a page on his presidency, as Democrats continue to consider their options about how to respond to a special counsel’s report that detailed what they said was “alarming” behavior.
By John Wagner and Colby Itkowitz · Read more
Longtime Manafort associate Konstantin Kilimnik rejects his depiction in Mueller report
The Russian national said he has no ties to intelligence services and did not share internal Trump campaign polling data, which he described as “what one could find on RealClearPolitics.
By Tom Hamburger · Read more
How Sean Hannity aided the Trump Tower meeting clean-up effort
According to the Mueller report, Hannity knew about the meeting weeks before the Times did.
By Philip Bump · Read more
Man arrested after allegedly making racist death threats against Omar, Tlaib and Booker
The statements made by the caller added credence to complaints by Omar's supporters that the political fixation on her statements about 9/11 could amount to an incitement of violence.
By Eli Rosenberg · Read more

Washington Examiner
Robert Mueller and Donald Trump are shown.

Late last month, President Trump met with a group of Republican senators on Capitol Hill. He discussed a lot of topics, but his most memorable comment came when he called Trump-Russia special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation "two years of bullshit."
Now, the public has Mueller's 448-page report, and it tends to support the president's assessment.

We wish all a great Easter Weekend.

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