Monday, April 15, 2019

Notations From the Grid (Weekly Edition): Out & About in Our World As a New Week Dawns....

As a new week begins, we wanted to report on this perspective on the week that was with what Seth Meyers noted.  This is as The US Tresuary Department refused the US House of Representatives request for President Trump's Tax Return.   DC Reports provided some alternative perspective on it:

Trump and his team are now openly declaring that Trump is above the law, a clear step toward a dictatorship. Our David Cay Johnston explains in the first of several pieces examining official lawlessness.

Also, worker deaths from falls are rising at an alarming rate, reporting by Eli Wolfe of FairWarning reveals.

Please read our latest and pass along to others what you learn. 

Counselor to the President joined Meet the Press to provide the Administration's View:  

The Meet the Press shared its' perspective:

This is also Earth Day Week.   As our team will be "kind of dark", we will continue to assess the on going developments as we assess the Immigration Debate, the Mueller Report and the controversy over Attorney General Barr, the continued challenges behind Brexit, the challenges in the Middle East, Elections in India, Australia and Ukraine  and East Africa--including the situation in Sudan.  

It will be an interesting week as our team will have twice a week updates in our Google Corner this week as we look forward to community engagement.

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