Friday, September 4, 2015

On The Eve of Labor Day weekend: On Our World & Renewal (Thoughts)

It has been another "whirlwind" of a week throughout #Outsider properites as I worked to facilitate and support releases before the decision was made to "go dark" for the labor day weekend.

It has also been a bit of a distressing week around the World.   The team finsihed its' latest notations on the plight of refugees.   This is as I just reviewed reports from the United Arab Emirates that 22 of its' soldiers were killed fighting the Houthi rebels in Yemen.     The team has also been continuing its' assessment of the US Election scene with the rise of Trump, the moves by the GOP and the Democrats.   The interview by NBC's Andrea Mitchell with Hillary Rodham Clinton was telling in terms of some of the potential reset for her campaign.

There are also "transitions" in the works for #outsiders which I hope to reflect upon over the ensuing days and weeks.   It was quite timely as the team received this from +Jonathan Huie which the team reviews daily and granted me the opportunity to share this as I finish off my thoughts to underscore the sprit at #outsiders as I wish all a fantastic labor day 2015 weekend: 

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