Friday, September 11, 2015

On #911Day: Brief Personal Thoughts

Within the past few hours, I supported the release of a write-up for the day for #Outsiders that for today is Uniform throughout the 4 current properties.   It is a day to remember and honor the fallen and their families.    It is also quite remarkable as the Nation Remembered led by the President: 
It is a day as our team noted that changed America and The World forever.

Although we have to look ahead, those of us who were witness to that day will never forget.   For me, I was getting ready for work and was due to pick up my boss to get him to work before he was to be picked up for his trip to Japan.   I remember that it was a great month as I had my family back after a trip and then my Wife yelled as CNN was on:  They hit the towers.  I could not believe it thinking that it was actually a replay of the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing.  When the second plane hit, I knew our World would never be the same.    Within a few hours as the Secretary of Transportation announced the closure of US Airspace, I told my boss that he will not be leaving for Japan.   This was as The Pentagon was hit and then Flight 93 which apparently was headed for the White House was taken over and crashed by the heroes.  I am with NBC News' Jim Miklaszewski as he noted that their heroism is to be celebrated ever more as I remember
the coverage by all the major networks on that fateful day.    I did a quick +YouTube search which
yielded some 49,000,000 hits and I went ahead and included the search results 
here for all.   

As I worked my way to the Office, the shock was evident on the face of all.   As one of the Senior Managers, I had to help calm fears as we had to be reminded that things had to go on.   Later on, Our CEO led us all outside for a solemn remembrance especially as we remembered the fallen.     Despite profound disagreements I have had with the Speaker of the US House as he reflected upon this earlier today:

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September 11, 2015  |  John Boehner  |  VIEW ONLINE
Click to watch the video: We Will Never Forget

This is the story of where I was on 9/11.

It’s not remarkable or altogether different from the stories of many Americans.  I remember what I was doing when the first plane hit.  I remember trying to go about my morning.  I remember when everything changed.

My story could be much different, if not for the heroes on Flight 93.  We know they saved countless lives and quite possibly the Capitol itself.
They saved us all, really.  At the lowest moment in our history, they lived up to our highest ideals. Through tremendous love and sacrifice, they did the unforgettable -- as did so many on those three sacred pieces of soil.  Now our brave men and women serve in their memory, engaged in the great task of keeping us safe and free.
So our sorrow is still deep, but our faith is deeper still.  These are our stories, but this will always be their day.  Patriot Day.
John Boehner

I have tried to do what I can to serve.    On the eve of 9/11, I had a chance to join the "Tip a Cop" initiative sponsored by @City of Aliso Viejo Police Services in support of Special Olympics.   As I also supported the work of @DailyOutsider as we celebrate our first year,   I started today with my daily "Virtual Good Turn" in the tradition of Scouting as I participate in the Johnson & Johnson Donate a Photo and later on will join the 9/11 remembrance event at Moulton Elementary School in Laguna Niguel.     As the radio stations play on, the news continues and the World is ever so dangerous, we need to learn and be ever so stronger to do all we can to make a difference.   To me, that's the ultimate lesson.

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