Wednesday, September 16, 2015

On the "Prowl" For the Day: On #Iran, #Democracy & Other Thoughts

As I work away supporting @DailyOutsider, I carved out a bit of time to catch a Boy Scouts Live Stream on JTE "Journey to Excellence" as I shared it also on my personal Twitter feed earlier.  I have   the pleasure to serve as a Boy Scout Leader managing the website for Troop 772 in Laguna Niguel California.   The insights shared is quite interesting to insure the leaders of tomorrow through the creation of Scoutbook to support the development of the Youth that our team decided to report on in the #Outsider Community Channel South County Matters earlier today.

I also continued working on supporting the team as Notations were released on the Iran Deal on the debate in Iran in Education and on being Witness to Democracy as we await the Republican Debate on +CNN  later on this evening.    It was quite interesting to me as the new leader of the Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn, decided to "Crowdsource" the Prime Minister Question time as he did.    

I wanted to conclude these thoughts with this I just saw on my personal Email which I found to be gratifying from the team +Global Zero which speaks volumes on the power of Social Media that is ever so fascinating to be witness to:

Thank you. Thanks to supporters like you, the Iran deal made it through Congress. This is a huge victory for the movement to eliminate nuclear weapons. And it wouldn't have happened without you. Fight on, The Global Zero Team

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