Thursday, September 10, 2015

On the First Year of @DailyOutsider: Working Away....

It has been one year formally since @DailyOutsider was begun.   It has been an interesting, challenging and fun year as I have been witness to the evolution.    Today was another typical day as the team was  busy as it finished off the daily curation in the properties and the daily curation on the "Grid".  I have also been working on my own personal feeds.   It has been fun.

I have used this "corner" to share my own thoughts as I have also shared what is going on with #Outsiders.   One of my personal projects has been reflecting upon the Iran Deal.   As all know, I have been in support of the deal.  The House GOP Conference has settled on a different strategy as it shelved plans to do the "up and down" vote on the original resolution passed by the Congress.     Someone once said that it will be ironic if the Iranian Parliament votes on it and the Congress ends up not supporting.   There is also a claim by the GOP conference underscoring the fact that there is a "side deal" and that in fact the law has not been abided by.   I found it amusing as the House Democractic Leader, Nancy Pelosi, found the latest moves to be "Cuute".

There are challenges beyond the immediate right now that our team is assessing--including the plight of the refugees, the economic calamity and some of the upcoming challenges as we also work to roll a number of new initiatives in time for the dawn of the 4th Quarter.

As the great Diane Nyad always underscores:  Onward!!

I hope all enjoy this as a "Virtual Token" in celebration of the one year Anniversary:

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