Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Winding Down the Quarter: Thoughts On #Iran, #US & Other Thoughts

It has been an interesting morning already here in #Outsiders.   As the team finished off Notations & Newsflashes and worked on the Daily Twitter Curations, one very interesting newsflash caught my eye.    i24News reported (and I released it to my personal Twitter Feed) on a handshake between President Obama and The Iranian Foreign Minister, Dr. Zarif at the UN.    One of the "dead-enders" in Tehran objected to it because he felt that a "red line" was crossed.     I am not sure when being polite was wrong--but it appears to be the case with the dead-enders in Tehran.

I also saw some reports that President Rouhani was undern pressure to return to the Tehran.  He did cut his trip short to go back to deal with the aftermath of the tragedy in Saudi Arabia as the death Toll and the missing continues to rise:

This is as he reviewed the troops accompanied by his First Vice President before going into meetings on this.      This is also as our team was reviewing the latest disturbing reports out of Afghanistan as Kunduz fell to the Taliban as President Ghani of Afghanistan ordered a counterattack.    It was ironic that US Warplanes were bombing Kunduz as they did in 2001 as the team also reviewed reports of a rethink in further drawdowns of US Troops in the country.

Beyond the inferno in that part of the World, there is the political inferno in the United  States.   The team finished a notation on it as the scramble for "Cash" and "poll numbers' continues.    Just this morning an appeal for Jeb came out under President George H.W. Bush, Jeb's Father as another one yesterday came out from George P. Bush, his son who is serving as Texas Land Commissioner and will mor than likely run for Governor.       This is also as stories continue on Hillary Clinton's slide in the polls and the continued speculation over the Biden Candidacy.    Our team had decided to refrain from direct commentary--but with the Speaker's resignation and the looming deadline of a new Fiscal Year, it is becoming quite interesting to say the least.

Interesting times as we look to a new quarter......

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