Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Personal Thoughts On the Occasion of the Release of "We're All Mexicans" (With A Brief Update)

As the debate over the comments by Mr. Trump and Dr. Carson has continued to occupy the "punditry" class, one very cute clip I ran across undermined this by the ever so talented Emilio Estefan who happens to be the husband of Gloria Estefan:

The message is just simply too powerful to ignore.     The lack of regard for the Constitution, the contribution of immigrants and the essential history of the country is just beyond the pale.  The latest manifestation of it was late last night on Fox News.     I reflected upon this on my personal Facebook page late las night as I simply noted that we shall and will overcome this sense of bigotry and ignorance.   As I thought about the debate, I looked up this old clip from "Newsroom" that is compelling beyond words--Mr. Trump, Dr. Carson et. al should listen to it again and again: 

As I supported the team's effort with the daily curation and social grid updates, my mind could not help but be inspired by the Holy Father's reminder to many of us that we were all Foreigners once and it was critical for all to remember this fact to aspire to transform America.

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