Sunday, August 28, 2016

On the Eve of the New Week: Brief Thoughts On @DailyOutsiders & the Week Ahead w/aPrimer on Believing in the Art of the possible....

It is the dawn of a new week as it was a rather busy weekend at @DailyOutsider.  as I worked on supporting the curation of the corners and finished off helping to edit and publish a number of updates in "A Window into ou World".   As I worked on assessing the "highlights" of the key Sunday Public Affairs Shows to get a sense of what the "pulse" of the establishment was, it was needless to say a disturbing one as I saw one candidate being called a pscycopat and another one calling another one a bigot--among other things.    Our team has decided to stop commenting on the US Elections as it finished a final snapshot with a window into the future.

The idea of "thinking beyond the now" is something that has fascinated me.   As I was "on the grid" over the W-End, I picked up these beautiful thoughts to underscoreo what has driven me as I sought to work on developing @DailyOutsider against some v ery big odds and working to soldier on--the one from Stephen King especially hit home along with the one from the great Olympian about being fearless.

Onward to the new week with all the possibilities!!!

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