Saturday, August 20, 2016

On This Working W-End: On #Syria, #Aleppo & Other Brief Thoughts

The Whole World was shocked by the image of #Omar this past week.    I was frankly sorry to be "back on the grid" as I saw that #Omar's older 10-year brother died as he was out playing with his Friends.    The Parademic who saved #Omar spoke--and his words are as eloquent as I can ever hope for as he is on the frontlines daily.    His First question was:  Where were his parents?

What I found amazing as I finished a weekend walkabout was the resilience of the people of Aleppo with the underground orphange in spite of all the horror we are witness to on an hourly basis:

Inside the Outstanding Guys orphanage in Aleppo

It has also been quite an interesting weekend on the US Campaign Trail as Donald Trump apparently softened his stance on Immigration in a meeting with Hispanic Leaders which prompted quite a Tweet from the Conservative Firebrand Mark Levin:

Onward to the W-End :) 

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