Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Working Away with Thoughts on #Muslims, #Service & #Happiness....

This, written by Robin Wright, is ever so crucial to embrace: 

It is so important to note that Muslims served under George Washington.    As such, Muslims have been part of America for over 200 years.     As I was working away on commitments at @DailyOutsider, I made it a point of tagging Donald Trump and the GOP.   To the GOP leadership's credit, they have been forceful in denouncing Mr. Trump's pronoucements and the admonition from George Schultz said it all: "God Help Us" on top of the letter signed by leading lights of the National Security Establishment Last Week.

As I reflected upon the past 24 hours, this "popped up" on my personal Facebook Wall that I took comfort in which is ever so critical to underscore--the need to remain hopeful is vital :  

Onward to the rest of the week!!!

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