Thursday, August 18, 2016

Working Away.........

It has been a whirlwind of a week in our World as I continued with support work for Daily Outsider and continued on-going daily curation work on the Web.    I reflectedt upon the state of the Campaign especially as we have been witness, yet again while on a visit to Friends on Facebook earlier in the Week: 

Mike Pouraryan ...As I run off 4 the night, I have just been reading another one of Doris Kearns Goodwin Masterpieces, "Bully Pulpit"...which is a bio of Presidents Taft and Teddy Roosevelt...compelling reading about men of such privilege who were driven to make a difference--There is one very interesting sentence I read attributed to Teddy Roosevelt that I wanted to share with all that he said was central to his success as President, " is a mighty good thing to know men, not from looking at them, but from having been one of them....When you have worked with them, when you have lived with them, you do not have to wonder how they feel, because feel it yourself...". If only Mr Trump understood the true significance of this statement despite what his Son said him to be a "Blue Collar Billionaire..whatever that means..."....I also would have urged him to watch an old 1944 Movie, Wilson (The Story of President Wilson..) which I watched tonight during some reflective time (some will say weird..but that's ok..)--there is a scene in it as the President is doing "KP" duty (that is working the Soup Kitchen as the kids are going to war--the soldiers are Irish, German, Italian..and of course one who was from Texas....Alexander Knox reminded him how the mosaic of America was ever so evident there as they alll from different creeds, nationalities and backgrounds went to War to defend the principles of Peace, Human Rights & Harmony. That's at the heart of the challenge we face as we are witness to the "noise" that at times is very dangerous and scary to be witness to--but I implore all to keep the faith as I wish all a fab & restful W-End.....

It was also very disturbing as I saw this from Pat Buchanan: 

Pat Buchanan: Politicial Commentator Says US Democracy Is 'Fraudulent' if Trump Does Not Win Election
"Why is it not Middle America issuing the demands, rather than the other way around?" Buchanan wrote Thursday for in a piece titled "Yes, The System Is Rigged" discussing Trump's campaign

Mr. Buchanan was the precursor to what Mr. Trump represents today which can only be addressed by what Andy Borowitz of the New York has advocated:

But, as I worked, away, the Tragedy of Syria was especially gruesome to read about this morning.  I first picked up this as I was working away: 


Of all the horror stories out of Syria, this one reported by CNN captured it all--A 5 year old Boy who survived the latest carnage by Assad Forces and its' allies (Russia & Iran) in Aleppo:

Will we have the courage to stop such scenes?    

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