Thursday, July 27, 2017

Notations From the Grid (Media Watch Edition): On How A Visionary Media Company Looks at our World....

One of the Visionary Media Companies around, Ozy, has an interesting way of looking at our World as some 25 Million People share it daily.     We chose a recent edition of the Daily Dose we received that showcased some of the highlights of OZYFest 2017 for this weekly edition of our "Notations From the Grid"  in line with our Mission to help transform the conversation about our World:



OZY Fest Photo Booth: Check Out the Day's Dopest Pics

Here are the highlights of what went down yesterday at New York’s biggest summer blowout.

Digging in With Superchef Eddie Huang — From Glutamates to Racism

OZY Fest’s CFO (Chief Food Officer) opens up about his favorite chefs and how to deal with racists.
#3 POV

Confessions of a Billionaire: Real Talk With Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban shared all with the OZY Fest audience, from how he broke big to his predictions for the Dallas Mavericks in next year’s NBA.



Biden Teases 2020 Presidential Run at OZY Fest

The former second lady of the United States sat down with Katie Couric — with a guest appearance by her husband.
#5 POV

Malcolm Gladwell Challenges America to Rethink Health Care

The great storyteller explains how the lesson of American businessman and logistics guru Malcolm McLean could offer us big solutions today.

Where Gillibrand Draws the Line on Impeaching Trump

This New York senator says she would fire the president who coined the phrase “You’re fired!” 

Jeb Bush: Trump Is Not the Future of the GOP

In a self-effacing and honest interview, the former Republican favorite learns to laugh at his missteps. 
#8 POV

Lessons in Success: 15 Minutes With Rock Star Professor Adam Grant

Best-selling author and Wharton’s top-rated professor Adam Grant sat down with us at OZY Fest 2017 to offer some life lessons.


PredicTED: The Future of Borders

PredicTED: The Future of Borders

In 50 years, what will your passport say? 
PredicTED: The Future of Borders

The Bionic Athlete

PredicTED: The Future of Borders

Forget Computers. Design Is the New King of Tech

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