Friday, July 21, 2017

Notations From the Grid (Special Friday Edition): On #Oman

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Oman's Capital: Muscat 

Many in our World may not have heard of Oman--but it has played a pivotal role in the Middle East.  Our team released this late on Thursday in our Twitter Channel courtesy of the team at Sky News:

What is critical to note is that Sultan Qabos--on the throne since 1970 and battling Cancer--has no heir and if he is no more, it will present a profound challenge to further complicate an already profound challenge in the Middle East.    This is as The Trump Administration v is taking an increasingly harsh tone towards Iran to eventually build up a case to withdraw from the Iran Deal or provoke Iran into doing So.     The Iranian President underscored how Iran needed to maintain its' cool in the midst of the increased harsh rhetoric from Washington.  Furthermore,  the diplomatic row between Qatar and other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council continues to escalate--with Qatar directly accusing the United Arab Emirates of hacking Qatari websites.   What was also of note was the decision by Kuwait to downgrade relations with Iran by expelling Iran's Military Attache and Cultural Attache.

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