Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Notations From the Grid (Special Edition): On #Iran and the Opposition

For this special edition of "Notations From the Grid" Our Team chose this from one of the leading internal opposition figures in Iran, Mehdi Khazali.    He has yet again been detained by Iranian Judicial Authorities after he was courageous enough to criticize the Judiciary for its' total lack of indepedence and the injustices it is known for.    Earlier today, in our Ordinary Faces Property, we reported on the plight of Nazanin Radcliff who has been in prison for over 500 days as we joined the call for her release.     

In this clip on his instagram account (that we believe was released by his family), he notes (in persian) his call to all to give voice to such as their voices are silent in Prison.   He has, yet again, gone on a hunger strike because as he noted it is the only weapon he has to protest his unjust detention:

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