Friday, August 18, 2017

Notations On Our World (Special Friday Edition) : On the Eve of the W-End...

As we hope all enjoy updates over the ensuing days throughout our properties, Please enjoy this we received here at our Virtual Newsroom as we are witness to the Eclipse and other happenings courtesy of Futurology:


August 21  |  Indiana U.
4 things to know about Monday’seclipse

We're ready for the total solar eclipse. Are you?

Bonus: Try these activities to get kids (and adults) excited for the big event.

Blockages  |  Michigan State
Cholesterol crystals contribute to heart attacks

Inventions  |  Carnegie Mellon
To spur innovation, teach A.I. to find analogies

Like Disney  |  ETH Zurich
Software makes movie-style digital animation easier

Digital animation is popular but complicated, requiring advanced expertise. New software may make it accessible to novices.

Know sooner  |  Johns Hopkins
DNA blood test may spot cancer early

Would you?  |  U. Chicago
Language sways answer to ‘kill 1, save 5’ train dilemma

Hearing a classic moral dilemma about killing a person to save 5 others in a language that isn't your native tongue can change your answer. Here's why.

Heavy burden  |  Brown
Dementia can double health care costs of aging

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