Monday, August 21, 2017

Notations On Our World (Weekly Edition): A Virtual Walkabout In Our World On this #Eclipse2017

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Please enjoy this we received courtesy of the team at @Global Citizen that underscores stories of hope, optimism and the art of the possible on this #Eclipse2017: 

Global Citizen Stories

Up to 50 Migrant Kids Were Just Purposefully Drowned
The UN says the young migrants from Ethiopia and Somalia were drowned as smugglers “forced them into the sea” near the coast of Yemen.
This Refugee Studied in 4 Countries. Now He’s a Doctor
Tirej Brimo, a refugee who fled the Syrian war, finally achieved his dream of getting his medical degree – 10 years, four countries, four medical schools, and 21 houses later.
Indian Nun Wins Hero Award for Rescuing Sex Slaves
The 39-year-old nun helped bring 14 trafficking victims home from the Middle East last year. Now, she’s calling on the government to do its part to help women worldwide.
Refugee Girls Forced Into Child Marriage Turning to Suicide
These stories are tragic – and far too common for Syrian refugee girls. That's why we need to end child marriage now.
The 10 Most Chronic Diseases Have This in Common
Diseases like hypertension, heart disease, hepatitis, cancer, asthma, and diabetes all share this one avoidable risk factor, according to a new report.
12 Remarkable Photos of What’s Happening Around the World
Tensions are rising in North Korea while temperatures are rising in Athens, Greece. Check out our photo gallery to see what else is happening from Canada to Cambodia.
Photographer’s Project Is Breaking Racial Boundaries
What’s your color? It’s not as simple as you think. These stunning photos by photographer AngĂ©lica Dass will make you rethink skin color.

We leave you all with this thought:

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