Saturday, August 12, 2017

Notations From the Grid (W-End Edition): A Snapshot of the World This Week Courtesy of @GlobalCitizen

We are pleased to present for review the latest News Digest Courtesy of the Team at +Global Citizen which captures the possibilities and the need for us all to remain hopeful in spite of the profound challenges we face today:  

Why You Should Absolutely Never Eat Red Meat Again
The raw truth about the red meat industry? It’s seriously putting your health and the health of the planet at stake. Here are seven reasons to stop eating red meat for good.
IKEA’s Newest Product Lets You Store Renewable Energy
You can now buy almost *everything* at IKEA. The retailer recently proved its commitment to the environment yet again by releasing solar panel kits and home batteries.
Why Salma Hayek Pinault Says Trump’s Wall Won’t Be Built
“It’s just not going to happen!” the activist and actress said in a recent interview. Find out her very convincing reason why the border wall will never actually go up.
This Supermarket Chain Is Banning Plastic Bags
One of the world’s largest supermarket chains uses about 700 million plastic bags each year, but at the end of August, it will stop using them completely.
Meet the Youngest Woman to Ever Captain a Boeing 777
This is your captain speaking, and she's a badass young woman. Meet Anny Divya, the world’s youngest female commander of the 777 jetliner.
Read These 5 Books If You Want to Change the World
Whether you’re passionate about ending global poverty or boosting your leadership skills, these five books will help you take action to become a better changemaker in 2017.
AKON Is Challenging How People Think About Africa
The musician and producer recently spoke on a panel encouraging young Africans to tell their own stories and reshape people’s perceptions of the continent.

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