Monday, August 7, 2017

Notations On Our World (Weekly Edition): On a Snapshot of the Possibilities

For this week, our team chose this courtesy of the team at Ted.Com.      We here at the Daily Outsider are taking this to heart as we contemplate the lessons and the ideas expressed this week and the window into the future it represents:


Marc Raibert: Meet Spot, the robot dog that can run, hop and open doors

14:33 minutes · Filmed Apr 2017 · Posted Jul 2017 · TED2017
That science fiction future where robots can do what people and animals do may be closer than you think. Marc Raibert, founder of Boston Dynamics, is developing advanced robots that can gallop like a cheetah, negotiate 10 inches of snow, walk upright on two legs and even open doors and deliver packages. Join Raibert for a live demo of SpotMini, a nimble robot that maps the space around it, handles objects, climbs stairs -- and could soon be helping you out around the house.


What direction is the future headed? (6 talks)

Explore what may be in store for our collective future and how we can plan for the unpredictable, together. Watch »
6 TED Talks • Total run time 1:51:12


Titus Kaphar makes art that wrestles with the struggles of the past -- while speaking to the diversity and advances of the present. In an unforgettable live workshop, Kaphar takes a brush full of white paint to his own version of a 17th-century painting, obscuring parts of the composition and bringing its hidden story into view. He asks: What happens when we shift our focus and confront unspoken truths? Watch »

In 2002, the Colombian guerrilla movement known as the FARC kidnapped Ingrid Betancourt in the middle of her presidential campaign. For the next six years, Betancourt was held hostage in jungle prison camps where she was ravaged by malaria, fleas, hunger and human cruelty until her rescue. In this deeply personal talk, the politician-turned-writer explains what it's like to live in a perpetual state of fear -- and how her faith sustained her. (In Spanish with English subtitles.)Watch »

Meet Françoise Mouly, The New Yorker's art director. For the past 24 years, she's helped decide what appears on the magazine's famous cover, from the black-on-black depiction of the Twin Towers the week after 9/11 to a recent, Russia-influenced riff on the magazine's mascot, Eustace Tilley. In this visual retrospective, Mouly considers how a simple drawing can cut through the torrent of images that we see every day and elegantly capture the feeling (and the sensibility) of a moment in time. Watch »

Ten years ago, researchers thought that getting a computer to tell the difference between a cat and a dog would be almost impossible. Today, computer vision systems do it with greater than 99 percent accuracy. How? Joseph Redmon works on the YOLO (You Only Look Once) system, an open-source method of object detection that can identify objects in images and video -- from zebras to stop signs -- with lightning-quick speed. In a remarkable live demo, Redmon shows off this important step forward for applications like self-driving cars, robotics and even cancer detection. Watch »


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